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Apartments Near University Of Notre Dame

Are you looking for more control over how you are matched with roommates? Through the RoomSync app, residents are empowered to choose roommates and build a sense of community using lifestyle habits such as cleanliness levels, studying habits, sleep cycles, and more. RoomSync offers an experience that supports a diverse and inclusive matching community through gender-inclusive tools. Furthermore, the app recognizes the importance of living criteria like service and emotional support animals and factors this into the matching process.

With the exception of residents joining the military, Irish Row does not permit lease terminations, as per the housing contract. After signing the housing contract, residents are responsible for the duration of the contract. With proper authorization from our management staff, however, residents may transfer their housing contract to another person. Contact our office for more information.

Irish Row offers automatic payments to help make it easy for residents to submit their monthly installments! Please click the “Residents” tab on our site or contact our office for more information.

Irish Row offers 12-month individual housing contracts.

Each of our apartments in South Bend, IN, features spacious interiors and comes with a significant amount of space for residents to bring their personal furniture items and belongings with them. The furniture and furnishings that come with the apartment cannot be removed. Please plan your decorating before arriving at your new apartment.

Yes. All housing contracts at Irish Row require residents to have a guarantor. If you can not obtain an approved guarantor, we may accept a security deposit equivalent to one month of your monthly installment payments.

Monthly installments are charged on the first of each month. Residents can make payments before the first of each month, but their balance may show as a credit until the payment is processed. Please contact our office for additional information.

Irish Row offers two leasing terms. Please contact our leasing office for more information about our available terms and to find out when your housing contract is scheduled to start.

Irish Row offers fully furnished apartments complete with deluxe apartment features and spacious interiors. However, residents should be prepared to bring dishes, pots, pans, and other living essentials when they move into their new apartment.

Each bedroom at Irish Row contains a comfortable, full-size bed. For more information, please contact our office.

Your first installment payment is due on the 15th (fifteenth) day of the month prior to the start date of your housing contract.

Irish Row features a central property location that’s just one block from the University of Notre Dame campus and close to many local hotspots for dining, entertainment, shopping, and more! Contact our office for assistance with directions, or schedule a property tour to see our location for yourself!

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